January 25, 2018

John Summerford

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and is looking forward to a super 2018. I am certainly glad to see 2017 behind us- but we are not going to look back because that is not the way we are headed!

This year, Summerford will celebrate it’s 90th year in the trucking business- 90 years since my Daddy traded a bird dog for a truck. I hope we all have the spirit and determination he had back then!

I am excited about the changes we will see as we celebrate our 90th year.  We have a new lady that has joined our family as our Director of Marketing. Meri Mock will handle Summerford’s marketing and has already launched our new websites. Check it out! She will also develop a Driver Appreciation and Reward Program and many other things to come. Make a point to introduce yourself when you’re in.

I would like to congratulate Dewey McLaney on his 10th anniversary on Jan. 7th with the Summerford family! Frank Stewart & Morgan Perry have their 5 year anniversaries this month and we are looking forward to another big anniversary next month- but you’ll have to check back next month for that one.  We are so proud to have these loyal, long term drivers!

We appreciate all you do and we are going to crank it up in 2018-    and I’m looking forward to it!

Mr. John’s Quote of the Month:
“The worst disability a man can have is a bad attitude.”