February 21, 2018

John Summerford

Hope everyone remembered their sweetie on Valentine’s Day- if not, it may be a little cold around your house for a few days!
January was a good month with plenty of work,   everybody safe and now, we’re looking forward to warmer weather. A lot of our tarping goes away in April and that is good for all of us- so come on Spring!
I’d like to congratulate Chris Okarmus on celebrating his 12 year anniversary with Summerford on February 10. Not only do I want to recognize Okarmus, but I want to thank him for his service and loyalty to Summerford and for the example he’s set to what a long-term driver looks like.
The other day, I read an article titled “Drivers are our Most Valuable Asset”. I have always known this but it went deeper. Does our culture convey to our drivers how important they are to us? Probably not- but we try.  I would like for everyone in the Summerford Family to appreciate each other! To appreciate each other and the job each of us do!

Mr. John’s Quote of the Month:
“Well done is better than well said.”