January 30, 2018

Keith Onorato

The graph below shows our CSA progress for 2017.  As you recall, our CSA score is a direct reflection of how we are performing at DOT road side inspections.  The LOWER the CSA score…the better!!  As you can see, we made great improvements in 3 of the 4 categories and have stayed fairly flat in the maintenance category.

I encourage everyone to keep up the good work and continue the trend that we started in 2017.  Pay particular attention to truck and trailer maintenance issues as I think we have room for improvement in that category.

To improve our maintenance score, be sure:
• Your tires are in good condition
• Your airlines are in good condition (not leaking)
• Your cargo securement is excellent

We deeply appreciate all that you do and it is great to see the results of your hard work.  Please continue to work to improve our CSA scores and do not hesitate to call Keith Onorato if you have any questions or need additional explanation!